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15 Foods for Anti-Aging

15 Foods for Anti-Aging


Eating right goes beyond keeping a healthy waistline. Research shows certain foods keep off diseases and even help aging skin slow down. While there’s great beauty and character in growing old, most of us want to avoid fine lines and wrinkles for as long as we can. Below is a list of 15  foods for anti-aging that will keep you vibrant, healthy and glowing.


1. Tomatoes- Lycopene is a cancer-preventative phytonutrient. It’s one of the most powerful antioxidants and gives tomatoes the bright red color that they have. Cooked tomatoes are good for your skin as well so next time you’re craving that pasta, toss some tomatoes in and benefit your skin with each bite.


2. Dark Chocolate- Yes, you’re reading this right. Dark chocolate increases flavanols which improve blood flow to the skin and also also absorbs UV rays that protect your skin from the damage of the sun. As wonderful as this news is, make sure you reach for at least 70% cacao and limit to one or two squares a day.



3. Turmeric- The golden elixirs all over Pinterest carry anti-aging benefits. Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric helps bind plaque from building in your brain. It’s delicious to add into a veggie curry that’ll delight your taste buds and your brain.


4. Garlic- The anti-aging benefits of garlic are tremendous. It slows down hardening of the arteries so it prevents strokes and heart attacks. Allicin, a compound in raw garlic, is said to have wrinkle fighting properties. It’s also loaded with Vitamin C which helps create healthy collagen production.


5. Manuka Honey- Drizzle this on top of your banana almond butter toast for a protein packed and disease fighting breakfast. Manuka honey stimulates cytokine production which protects us from diseases, so you have one more reason to splurge on it.


6. Watermelon- Cold watermelon on a warm sunny day not only helps debloat you. It also contains lycopene, similar to tomatoes. Think of it as a natural sunblock that helps you feel beach ready at the same time.


7. Blueberries- Blueberries are rich in anthocyanins which limit cellular damage caused by free radicals. If you’re not into eating these antioxidant packed berries alone, then make a quick and easy snack. Try topping probiotic rich yogurt with fiber packed granola, blueberries and a drizzle of manuka honey.



8. Nuts- Not only are they good for your waistline (even just one handful a day), but protein packed nuts will help prevent cognitive decline and reduce risk for Type 2 Diabetes. Plus, they’ll help you stay full and super easy to take on the go.


9. Avocados- If you want to affirm your $14 avocado toast at brunch, we’re here to tell you it’s okay. Avocados are packed with phytochemicals and important essential nutrients so you’ll be keeping your arteries young.


10. Salmon– This anti-inflammatory packed fish is full of protein and vitamin D. The vitamin D helps you maintain healthy bone strength and avoid osteoporosis. Reach for wild salmon and fresh veggies for a healthy dinner that will keep your tastebuds satisfied and you stomach full.


11. Sweet Potatoes- This root veggie is amazing in breakfast skillets, stuffed with protein for dinner or seasoned with himalayan salt as a side for lunch. It’s incredibly rich in Vitamin A which helps restore damaged collagen so your skin looks plump and youthful.


12. Kale- Keep your blood pressure in check and maintain healthy vision with kale. This vegetable has become popular because it’s full of vitamin K and and potassium and tastes excellent sauteed with olive oil, salt and black pepper


13. Green Tea- Next time you’re looking for a pick me up, grab some green tea. The flavonoids in green tea  can help prevent certain cancers and the beverage is also known to boost your metabolism. Win-win!


14. Bone Broth- Collagen rich bone broth prevents your skin from breaking down. It mainlines collagen directly to your cells, resulting in plump and youthful skin. It’s a way cheaper alternative than wrinkle cream!


15. Eggs- Eggs are full of amino acids, the building blocks to healthy skin. The body can’t make amino acids on its own. They also help keep your skin firm, elastic and beautiful.