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5 Free Summer Workouts

5 Free Summer Workouts


Heading to the gym on a beautiful day can sometimes be a bummer. So why not head to the beach and get your workout in at the same time? We put together 5 free Summer workouts you can do so you don’t miss a day at the gym and get to enjoy a beautiful day at the beach! Reap the benefits of a beautiful view, that relaxing feeling of sand between your toes and if you get too hot, jump in the water for an instantaneous cool down. Don’t forget your sunscreen!



  Walking and Running on Sand

This one seems like a no-brainer but running and walking on the sand isn’t as easy as it easy as you would think. Your body needs to adjust to the shifting sand which gives off a type of resistance that is excellent for your body. Walking on sand typically makes you work about 1.5-2.5 times more than walking on concrete or harder surfaces.


It also requires you to use about 2.5 times more energy than when walking on a hard surface. If it’s your first time running or walking at the beach, it’s probably better that you start on the harder packed sand first and gradually work your way up to deeper more challenging sand.


  Crawling Planks

Want to feel that core burn? Get down into a plank position and start crawling slowly across the sand on your elbows and feet. This workout is already a killer on hard surfaces but when combined with the shifting sand you’re able to activate your core, glutes and hamstrings even more as you struggle to stabilize yourself.


  Sit-Ups and Push-Ups

This workout is perfect for the beach and by using the incline and decline of the sand can increase the intensity of the workout. If the decline is too difficult change direction to simplify the exercises. Just be cautious on where the waves are breaking! You don’t want to be swept away while working out.


  Mountain Climbers

Start in the push-up position with arms extended behind you. Again if you want to add some intensity to the workout use the beach’s natural incline. Bend one knee and bring it toward your chest, plant the ball of the foot on the floor under your hip. Then extend your bent leg back as you bring the other knee toward your chest. Continue alternating until you feel the burn!


  Frog Jump

This last one is not only a fun exercise but when combined with the resistance of the sand, you’re guaranteed to get a good glute burn in. Start by squatting all the way down to the ground and place both hands in front of you. Next, jump into the air (tap your heels if you can) repeat for about 20-30 seconds then take a 30-second break and go back for more! Want to increase the intensity? Do lunges during your 30-second break for some extra burn.