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Clean ingredients, responsible business practice, truth based ethos.

XOLOGY’s symbol is the promise of truth… and truth is what guides our every action. We were frustrated we couldn’t find real nutrition with pure ingredients in a single serving that didn’t contain cheap fillers. That’s why we founded XOLOGY: we wanted the truth when it came to quick, real nutrition… and the truth was in pure ingredients.


All of our pure ingredients come from the earth… not in a science lab. We use only pure ingredients your body naturally recognizes and utilizes for superior strength, stamina, and focus. Our products are vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, grass fed, non-artificial, non-GMO, and keto and paleo friendly, and made in beautiful, sunny San Diego, California.


We don’t compromise our integrity for cheap ingredients. That’s not who we are. Just take a look at our nutrition panel for yourself… what you see is what you get.


We’re XOLOGY… and we will always promise honest, pure ingredients.


Ben Acott,


XOLOGY Founder


XOLOGY is passionate about our planet and embraces each day as consciously as possible.


Nature and the environment are hugely important to us. We love surfing and exercising in the great outdoors and believe everyone should be able to enjoy our planet at our and its healthiest, most vibrant condition. It’s up to all of us – businesses and consumers alike – to make sure we protect and better the world around us.

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Our HQ! Where we design, manufacture and distribute. San Diego, we love you.

Our grass-fed whey! Non-GMO, and rGBH free.

Rich in vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants and amino acids

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The ultimate replacement for sugar

Our Roots
Where an idea started to take shape. Company founded.

Grass-fed Whey
When there is a shortage in Wisconsin all of our way is sourced from here.

Environmental sustainability and transparency drive every business decision we make, from sourcing ethical and Fair Trade ingredients, to our eco-conscious product packaging, and we’re proud to share our processes with you.

We proudly use Ingeo natural plastic,
made from plants instead of petroleum.

The production of Ingeo plastic creates 75% less greenhouse gases and uses 50% less non-renewable energy than traditional plastics. Made from polylactide, which is derived from naturally-occurring plant sugar, this bioplastic also has more end-of-life options than traditional plastic. It is compatible with existing recycling systems and suitable for clean incineration. Products made with 100% Ingeo plastic will also decompose in most compost facilities, which is a massive step forwards for the environment.


Your protein tubs aren’t helping the environment. 
Our PODs are 100% compostable, smaller to ship, easy to produce and contain only natural, sustainably sourced and fair trade ingredients. Not to mention, they keep our product at peak freshness and are a convenient way to stay healthy on-the-go.


A standard protein tub (27 servings) weighs 151.6 grams – over double the weight as 27 servings of our eco-compostable pods which can be recycled or composted with no impact to our Earth.


We say no to flash heating. All of our PODS are produced to retain all of their nutrients and maintain their protein content without the use of dangerous preservatives.


And we use eco-friendly packing material. Styrofoam generates a tremendous amount of waste and ends up in oceans and landfills. You won’t see any of that when you receive your package.


All products provide nine essential amino acids to build and repair muscle, while boosting your metabolism.


Monk Fruit


The Longevity Fruit


Monk Fruit packs a punch of sweetness and healthiness all into one small fruit. The ultimate replacement for processed sugar



The Health Miracle


Is a titan of health benefits, the likes of which humanity has never known. A superfood supercharged with magnesium and flavonoids your body won’t be able to resist.




The Perfect Seed


The most beneficial seed on Planet Earth. Hemp seeds are packed with protein, vitamins and essential fats that combine to give us nature’s perfect seed.




Special Spirulina


This superfood contains a high amount of complete vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and even protein. It even helps build your immune system to fight off disease.




Fat Burner & Energizer


Coconuts are filled with “good fat” and MCTs which provide an immediate boost of energy.


Grass-fed Whey


Highest Quality 


Our whey is sourced from only the happiest of cows in Wisconsin and New Zealand. These cows are non-GMO and rGBH free. 




The Wonder Root


This Ancient Peruvian root is becoming one of the most talked about superfoods due to its health benefits. Rich in vitamin B, C and E and loaded with calcium, zinc and amino acids.


Himalayan Salt


Purest of Pure


Himalayan Salt contains the same 84 trace minerals and elements found in the human body. This salt also has less sodium per serving than regular salt due to it being less refined.

We’re also passionate about social sustainability, and try to do what we can in our business to foster opportunities for all. Through our My Cup Counts partnership, we are helping alleviate the 78% unemployment rate for disabled adults in California. It is our privilege to have these bright, capable adults help us fill our products and we are so proud to be involved with this important program to empower and enrich lives.

As our business evolves, we are committed to growing our sustainability practices through new technology and product innovation, providing industry-leading environmental programs and beyond.