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PODs & Shaker Beta - Limited Stock Available
PODs & Shaker Beta - Limited Stock Available



Clean ingredients. Responsible business practices. Truth based ethos.


Our approach is simplicity with formulations and spend our time finding the very best producers of each ingredient and champion the story from farm to inside your home or gym.


We question everything. One of our primary focuses is around the education of our customers to make the best choice possible for them and what they put into their bodies. After digging deeper on other powdered nutritional products and ready to drink products on the market – we feel we have an obligation to deepen the consumer experience with what every ingredient is and how it’s made with both our products and sometimes our competitors.


We want to know our customers, to work together on identifying or pioneering new trends in products, flavors, delivery systems and distribution channels.


Ben Acott,


XOLOGY Founder


XOLOGY is passionate about our planet and embraces each day as consciously as possible.


Nature and the environment are hugely important to us. We love surfing and exercising in the great outdoors and believe everyone should be able to enjoy our planet at our and its healthiest, most vibrant condition. It’s up to all of us – businesses and consumers alike – to make sure we protect and better the world around us.


Environmental sustainability and transparency drive every business decision we make, from sourcing ethical and Fair Trade ingredients, to our eco-conscious product packaging, and we’re proud to share our processes with you.