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Benefits Of Sunshine


Benefits Of Sunshine


The sun is awesome. Some of the benefits of sunshine keeps us warm, provides us with energy and it’s also really good for health. Studies have shown that the right amount of sun can actually reduce the risk of cancer. Too much can be dangerous though.


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 Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Being in the sun actually releases serotonin and endorphins that can directly affect your happiness, calm you down and decrease depression. Combined with exercise, it can give you more energy during the day and help you sleep better as well.


 More Sun = Lower Blood Pressure

You might be thinking “Of course lower blood pressure in the sun because you get to relax and chill on the beach”. But there’s actually a compound called nitric oxide which is released into the blood vessels when your skin is in the sun. Nitric oxide will actually lower your blood pressure which will lower your risk of heart attack and stroke.


 Stronger Immune System

Want to produce more white blood cells to boost your immune system? Well, get outside and hang out in the sun! Sunlight will actually help you produce more white blood cells that will fight off infection or a sickness.


 Increases Fertility

The sun can reduce melatonin which suppresses fertility. Not only can it help increase fertility but it can also increase the length of fertility in women. But what about men? Don’t worry, it also increase testosterone in levels in men. So get outside!


 Bye Bye Brittle Bones

Vitamin D is awesome for your bones. It keeps them healthy and it makes them strong. Did you know that we get 90% of our vitamin D from the sun? So if you’re not getting enough sun chances are you’re not getting enough vitamin D.


 Be Safe!

Be careful with the amount of time you spend in the sun. Too much can be dangerous, high exposure to sun can cause melanoma and wrinkles so make sure you get enough sun without exposing yourself to the risks that come with it.


Wear an organic sunscreen that will protect you from the sun but will also protect our oceans from and your skin from chemicals.


Depending on your skin type, 10 to 20 minutes of exposure without sunscreen is prime. Take it easy also, get a little sun everyday not all at once on your 1 vacation a year! So get outside and enjoy the sun!