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Best Time To Drink Protein


Best Time To Drink Protein

Timing Your Protein

Drinking protein at the right time depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. The best time to drink protein is either in the morning, before a workout, after a workout or before bed. 


  Whey Protein in the Morning

At night, your body turns to amino acids to power the metabolic processes. This means that your body is in a breakdown state when you’re asleep. Drinking protein in the morning is perfect for replenishing your muscles with amino acids and will stop any muscle breakdown that is happening.


  Whey Protein Pre-Workout

Taking protein pre-workout is important in creating a positive nitrogen balance in your body. When taking Protein pre-workout, it allows you to stimulate protein synthesis and increase muscle mass. Protein taken immediately before resistance exercise has been shown to increase protein synthesis.  


  Whey Protein Post Workout

Protein after working out is going to help your muscles recover and grow. According to a study published in by American Journal of Physiology, post exercise is when your muscles are able to absorb the most protein. After a working out your muscles are typically starved and can therefore absorb more protein than any other part of the day. So make sure your muscles have what they need in order to grow and recover.


  Whey Protein Before Bed

The 6-8 hours of sleep you get every night can be the longest your body goes without any fuel. Since your body has limited nutrients during this time is can lead to your muscles entering a catabolic state. By taking whey protein before bed, you can ensure that your muscles have what they need to avoid breaking down during your sleep.


  Best Time To Drink Protein

During the day you have multiple options on when to take protein, but after a workout is the most important. Before and after bed are also an important time to supply your body with protein. Your body is about to go a long time without protein or has just gone a long time without it. Pre workout is also important but it’s typically more of a preventative, especially if you’re about to undergo an intense workout. Check out our awesome proteins.