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PODs & Shaker Beta - Limited Stock Available
PODs & Shaker Beta - Limited Stock Available

Deep Dive Into Our Compostable PODs


Deep Dive Into Our Compostable PODs


Compostable PODs were a must have when creating our product because we wanted our product to not only have a positive impact on your body but also on the environment.


Composting builds healthy soil while also eliminating the need for chemicals. We want to eliminate all chemicals from your daily diet. It’s pretty obvious why we also wanted to make our PODs as clean as possible. 



You might be asking yourself “what is a compostable product?”

A product that is able to become part of nature again is called compostable. It leaves no toxicity in the soil and usually disintegrates in about 90 days.


Many compostable products are made of bio-based materials derived from renewable resources. Typically materials such as corn, soybean, bamboo or even grass.


Food ware such as cups or plates have been making the shift towards compostable products because they break down to carbon dioxide, water, or inorganic compounds at a rate consistent with those organically compostable materials like leaves.


Using compostable products is a much better alternative than using a petroleum based product. Petroleum based products such as plastic usually take an extremely long time to disintegrate and are typically not able to be used again.




Our compostable PODs are also recyclable. So not only do they take less time to break down, but since they are non-toxic they contain no chemicals compared to other types of plastics that are recycled.


Also when compostable products become incinerated, since they are plant based they release no chemicals.


We love to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. By using compostable PODs has helped us achieve this. During the manufacturing process, there is a minimal amount of carbon emissions released. Compared to the amount of emissions released when manufacturing plastics.


The benefits of using compostable products are obvious for both your body and the environment. We have chosen to stick to our mission of providing you with a product that betters yourself and the earth. Check out our compostable PODs here (Insert link directing to products)