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The DL on the Lagree Method

The DL on the Lagree Method


What’s the lagree method and why is it one of the most highly talked about workouts in the fitness industry? It’s loved by celebrities like Sofia Vergara, Meghan Markle, Michelle Obama and Kim Kardashian for good reason. When combined with protein, Lagree results in long, lean muscles that become the envy of just about anybody. In just a few classes, you’ll see more defined obliques, a flatter tummy and a lift in the behind.


How did Lagree begin?


Sebastien Lagree is the man behind one of the best workouts of all time. He is a French American who always had a serious passion for fitness. He started out as a personal trainer when he first moved to Los Angeles and quickly came to the light for his incredibly effective training. Celebrities and the media noticed his training talent and brought Sebastien to fame.


Over 300 studios world wide use Sebastien’s Lagree method and for good reason. The Lagree method is known to be one of the most effective ways to sculpt the body- in only 45 minutes. What started out as his obsession with an ab wheel created his desire to create one of the most efficient pieces of workout equipment of all time. Sebastien loved working out and started out as a bodybuilder. However, he was working out 40 hours a week at 21 years old which led to his desire to create a workout that shows results- and shows them fast.


What is a Lagree workout like?


The poses have names like scooter, bear, cobra, french twist, and mermaid. It can be confusing when you are just beginning. But don’t worry- lagree instructors are trained to watch your form and explain the exercise in detail. Most of them will show you placement themselves or help you with placement and form to avoid injury.


Each lagree class works out different parts of your body. Three classes a week should result in working out your core, back, arms, legs and glutes. From exercises that workout each oblique, isolate your glutes and workout your triceps, you’ll feel every part of your body benefitting from this workout.


Lagree is the only workout that has been able to combine strength, cardio, endurance, balance, core and flexibility training in every single move. Unlike many classes (looking at you F45), Lagree movements are incredibly slow. However, it doesn’t make them any easier. When you move slow, your slow twitch muscles activate. This is important because most people never work these muscles out, even though they’re crucial for toning.


Megaformer poses are high-intensity, low impact. Which means you’ll definitely be sweating and you might be sore after your first session. We recommend a solid BCAA (link to article*) around your workout to minimize delayed onset muscle soreness.


Do I need to incorporate a good diet?


Even though the Lagree is helpful in getting strong and toned, diet is still incredibly important. The way you get that lean look combines the right diet, recovery and an extremely effective resistance program. This means eating enough protein throughout the day and even having 20-40 gram protein with essential amino acids around the time of your Lagree workout. Stimulating muscle protein synthesis isn’t possible without enough protein. In fact, if you don’t eat enough protein while doing the Lagree method, you may lose muscle mass. Investing in a good, clean protein to use throughout the day will help reach your fitness goals and get you the most out of each class.