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Is your Dog Helping you Live a Longer Life? Of Course!

Is your Dog Helping you Live a Longer Life? Of Course!

Is your Dog Helping you Live a Longer Life? Of Course! A dog is someone who will always make you happy (unless you’re not a dog person). There’s actually a science behind how your dog can help you live a longer happier life. Dog owners worldwide live a longer life on average and that’s not the only benefit you receive from your furry friend. People who have a dog in their life are able to have a higher self-esteem, reduced blood pressure and improved cardiovascular fitness.


You don’t even have to own a dog to receive the awesome health benefits and live longer. Plenty of dogs work in therapeutic situations at hospitals, nursing home, schools and even prisons. A study by the Queen’s University Belfast showed that ownership of a dog can lead to an increase in physical activities like walks and playing and also help facilitate the development of social contacts, which may enhance both physiological and psychological human health.



Around the World

A study in China showed that women who owned a dog were less likely to visit the doctor and had less sick days than those without dogs.


Australian and German dog owners were also shown to use less governmental health services when they lived with a dog. In both those countries, dog owners on average visited the doctor 13% less than those without a dog. These benefits were also much higher in elderly people.


The positives of owning a dog seem to outweigh the negatives. Dog owners 60 years and olders showed less stress and loneliness, better nutrition, and a stronger focus on the present instead of worrying about the future.


A small case study that was done on 92 elderly people who were hospitalized for coronary ailments showed that 11 of the 29 patients who did not own a dog passed away within their first year and only 3 of the 52 who did own a pet passed away in that same year.  



You Care, They Care

Because you have to care for dogs, they actually add structure and help you build a routine that helps you live longer. Having a routine has been proven to relieve stress and make life easier.


Having a dog can have a great impact on your life and people around you. While you should do the research on the breed and if they will fit well with your personality.  Just remember that having a pup can help you live a longer, happier life.