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There’s Duck Feathers in BCAAs!


There’s Duck Feathers in BCAAs!

Imagine drinking human hair and duck feathers every day. Yum so good, right? Well, if you have been drinking BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) or a regular pre-workout, chances are you have been ingesting all those horrible things. Human hair, animal skin and duck feathers and even pig fur were considered byproducts up until the supplement industry decided that they could use them as raw materials because of the high keratin content. Problem here is they never bothered to inform the user what was actually in them.


The good news today is that there are alternatives to the nasty BCAAs you might be taking right now. Technology today has made it possible to source them from corn! Choosing an all-natural BCAA is just as important as choosing natural whole foods. Which is why we have chosen to use a 100% plant based BCAA.


Most of the Vegan BCAAs are derived mostly from corn and taste much better! There is also the option of sourcing the them from soy but because soy is considered an allergen, corn is the more preferred source. That’s great news for all of us, including the animals! Now you won’t have to worry about eating human hair, duck feathers or pig fur.



The Importance of BCAAs

BCAAs have multiple properties that enhance the growth process and recovery of muscles while also helping the body burn fat and build muscle simultaneously. It also improves and speeds up recovery and soreness so you can work out more!



Why We Chose to Use 100% Vegan BCAAs

Vegan BCAAs, when combined with training can create a favorable anabolic environment by increasing testosterone and reducing cortisol. I’m sure after a good workout you feel that awesome feeling of soreness. By adding vegan BCAAs into your diet, you can significantly help to reduce the soreness which also means you will recover faster and train even harder. They are also a perfect fuel for your muscles. They fill the energy-gaps that your body needs to avoid reduced muscle growth. Check out our awesome BCAA + Hydration