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Popular and Effective Home Workouts

Popular and Effective Home Workouts

Sometimes making it to the gym just isn’t going to happen. Thankfully these days, it doesn’t mean you have to miss a sweat sesh. In fact, tons of people bypass gym memberships and long commutes by working out from the comfort of their home. Whether you’re looking for cardio, HIIT, yoga, pilates, or strength training, the options are endless.


Below are 8 of our favorite at home workouts that you can do at your convenience via iphone, laptop, on demand and even apps. Being healthy and active has never been easier.


P90X3 Based off the famous P90X workouts, this one is designed for the busy bee. If you’re wondering, how am I going to add a workout into my schedule? It’s a fair question for those with demanding jobs, kids and hectic lifestyles. Thankfully P90X3 is intense- but it’s only 30 minutes long. There are 16 different workouts so you won’t continue to workout the same body parts and wear your muscles out. The concentrated intensity comes with 3 different approaches- ripped and strong, tone and lean without bulk or increasing muscle mass. Reviewers say they love the options of choosing workouts based on their fitness goals.


Blogilates These YouTube based pilates have become a cult favorite. Cassey Ho is known to be a perky fitness instructor with effective pilates videos that make you incredibly sore. Viewers can set up an account and connect with “Popsters” (Blogilates followers) across the globe so you have a community to connect with about workouts, recipe ideas and empowerment. There’s new workouts every week so you never get bored and hundreds of recipes to choose from on the Blogilates website for every meal of the day.



Tone it Up Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott have created a fitness brand out of Manhattan Beach, CA that has a huge following that loves their results. Once you become a member, you get access to a simple and delicious nutrition plan that you can completely customize. The options include gluten-free, pescetarian, vegetarian, or vegan plan, so there’s something for everyone. The program combines cardio and strength training involving weights or just bodyweight. It’s so popular that women will fly from across the globe to make it to one of their weekend retreats. Karena and Katrina will make you want to grab your best friends and get moving.


Kayla Itsines The Australian based personal trainer created a beloved “Sweat with Kayla” app that exercisers love. Kayla designs her workouts for people at all fitness levels with the hopes that her workouts promote confidence and make people feel good. Her concept includes 28 minute long workouts and a flexible but healthy diet.


Tracy Anderson Tracy has become a household name, largely because of her celebrity clientele including Gwyneth Paltrow and Kim Kardashian. Her method includes promoting long, lean muscles and she helps you combat common trouble zones like lower abs, butt, and thighs.



Jillian Michaels Bodyshred Jillian Michaels is your go to, if you’re looking to get shredded. Her 60-day program delivers 8 bodyshred DVDs and 2 cardio DVDs with 30-minute workouts, a fitness guide, a nutrition plan, and a calendar. She also has a customizable plan as well as a free Jillian Michaels app that has recipes and workouts on the go.


Beachbody Insanity Workout  The name speaks for itself. Insanity consists of 45 minutes of continual HIIT cardio and strength training. The program has you follow a mix of plyometrics, upper-body resistance, cardio, ab work, interval circuits, recovery and more. Some people have even seen total body transformations in only 60 days. Insanity requires no equipment, making it incredibly convenient no matter where you are.


Body By Simone TV Starting at $15 a month, this high-intensity dance cardio is mixed with a strength-training workout for a really good time. The programs creator started with a broadway and ballet background and is designed to create long, lean muscles in participants. Dance your fitness woes away and feel stronger and more in shape.