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How To Execute the Daily Routine

How To Execute the Daily Routine


People (well most of us) are creatures of habit. By establishing a daily routine that promotes health and wellness you can improve your health by reducing stress, sleeping better, eating better, and even using time in your day better.


Create and execute the perfect daily routine that works for you.



Plan out your day

Don’t be too specific here. Get a piece of paper and separate it into 3 sections. One for morning, afternoon and night. Then write down what you want to get done during those times. This should be a checklist that is separated by time of day and no specific order to what’s most important or not. Once you have all your tasks on a piece of paper then you can begin to place them in order of importance or what you want done first.


Use the morning to get out quickly and be creative because this is usually when you’ve had your morning coffee and ready to conquer the day. This is also the time of day when most of the problem solving and critical thinking part of your brain is working the best.


Use the afternoon to accomplish some errands and and schedule meetings or appointments. Your caffeine high may have died down so If you need another cup of coffee go for it! If not, more power to you.


Nighttime should be used to plan for the next day. Pack your lunch, look over your plan for the next day and remind yourself that you’re ready to crush it tomorrow!



Stay Flexible (With your daily routine)

On the perfect day, everything will go as planned, but we all know those days can be rare. So be open to being flexible with your plan and go with the flow. Stressing about missing a certain tasks on your list will only make you more stressed. Be OK with possibly not checking an item off your checklist and pushing it until the next day.




Make sure you get enough sleep. An adult requires 7-9 hours of sleep to be in their best shape for the next day. Sleep can improve concentration and productivity. It’s extremely important for cognition and performance so always make time for enough sleep if you want to be the best possible you the next day.