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PODs & Shaker Beta - Limited Stock Available

How Technology is Changing the Fitness Industry

How Technology is Changing the Fitness Industry


Health tech and fitness tech has come a long way and 2018 is starting out with incredibly exciting innovations that will significantly impact the way we look at wellness. Combining technology with fitness offers convenience to switch into a healthy lifestyle, no matter how busy you might be.


While it may feel like everyone you know is wearing a Fitbit these days, wearable fitness trackers are just the beginning of a health tech revelation. Fitness is becoming more feasible for people on the go and those who can’t get to the gym every day. Many upcoming inventions are making it easier to stick to Paleo, Keto and Whole30 diets as well as giving you the data you need to make highly educated changes for your lifestyle. Today we’re going to go over six innovations that are changing the fitness and technology landscape.



1. Soul Electronics Run Free Pro Bio Headphones

These sweat-proof earbuds are going to run the game this year. These headphones are like having a running coach in your head while you rack up miles. The company partnered with a biomechanics company to offer gait analysis as well as training guidance so your running experience is always optimized. You can even measure your shock, balance, head tilt and maximum leg force. While you run, a real-time AI coach will tell you what to adjust if anything is out of the ideal range.


2.) WellnessFX

WellnessFX has made it completely possible to take your health and wellness into your own hands through advanced blood tests. The performance package allows you to actually see if your diet, workout or biohacking experiment is working for you. From the convenience of your home, you’re able to see your test results online and work with health professionals to get your health where you want it to be.


3.) The Peloton Tread

Peloton first changed the game with its indoor cycling bikes that allow exercisers to partake in high-energy cycling classes from the comfort of their home. Since they have been such a hit, they’ve expanded to treadmills. At the 2018 show, Peloton rocked the fitness category of CES with its upcoming treadmills that allow you to join live or even take on-demand classes from a screen attached to your treadmill. While they have a hefty price tag, you no longer have to worry about commuting to your gym and paying for pricy gym memberships once you have one of these in your home.



4.) Spire Swim Tracker

Technology is making a huge splash in the world of swimming. A swim tracking platform called has partnered with Spire Health Tag to create the first truly smart swimsuit. From the moment you put your swimsuit on (without pushing any buttons), it begins to track your distance as well as every lap you have swam.The best part is the battery is designed to be extremely long lasting, so you don’t have to worry about another gadget to charge.


5.) Blood Ketone Monitoring System

Available on Amazon, 5-electrode technology provides plasma-calibrated readings so you know when your body is in ketosis. Each device can connect to one person through an app and evaluates your state of ketosis after your at home blood work. Unlike urine tests that measure ketosis, measuring your blood is a very tightly regulated system and doesn’t get diluted with different hydration factors. It’s a more consistent and accurate way to make sure your ketosis levels are where you want them to be. The kid works great for those on the Bulletproof Diet as well as those following Paleo diets.


6.) Naboso Yoga Mat


This yoga mat was created after intensive research and helps increase balance and stability for those poses and inversions that require extra support. It stimulates the small nerve proprioceptors in the bottom of your feet to boost your coordination and strength. Current yoga mats deactivate proprioceptors in the feet and hands, so these mats were designed to address those concerns. The lightweight and travel-friendly mat is sure to up your Vinyasa flows for an even more zen experience.