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Grass-fed protein Is WHEY better!


Grass-fed protein Is WHEY better!

What is Whey Protein?

Whey protein is a byproduct in the production of cheese. Up until the 1970’s it was considered waste! Whey protein concentrates are all different, they can range from 30-70% protein with the rest of the makeup being fat and carbohydrates. Whey protein ISOLATE removes all the fat and lactose leaving upwards of 90% protein. We chose to use an Whey protein Isolate from 100% grass-fed cows because it’s virtually fat and lactose-free.



Benefits of Grass-fed Whey Protein 

When choosing which whey protein to use it’s important to keep in mind where the whey is sourced from. Whey protein sourced from grass fed cows has shown to be significantly higher in nutritional value compared to grain-fed. Cows that are on a grass fed diet are able to have a more stable pH level which allows them to provide beneficial bacteria as well as a broader nutritional content. Happy cows = Great Whey.


Most cows are kept in CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) Which are extremely unsanitary and require the cows to be injected with antibiotics to avoid getting sick. Not to mention that most of the time the cows are pumped with steroids. Grain-fed cattle ingest pesticide residues from their feed which has been detected in their milk! We’re definitely going to stay away from that stuff.


Grass-fed cows are free to graze the fields and eat naturally grown grass. Already sounds better, doesn’t it? Most of the nutritional differences between grass and grain-fed comes from the omega-3, vitamins E & B, and minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium. Omega-3s are great for your cognition and mood and have also been shown to decrease the risk of heart disease.


Not only are there health benefits associated with grass-fed whey protein but there are also environmental benefits as well. Cows are the biggest producers of methane on Earth and grass-fed cow actually produces less methane than a conventionally raised cow. Which means not only are we saving you from disgusting pesticides and steroids but we’re also saving the Earth!


Grass-fed protein is hands down the superior protein when compared to grain-fed on a nutritional level. From increased immune support nutrients to healthy omega-3s it’s clear why we have chosen to use a 100% grass-fed whey protein isolate.