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Healthy Snacks for When You’re on the Go

Healthy Snacks for When You’re on the Go


Gone are the days of struggling to eat healthy when you have a jam-packed schedule. With so many innovative brands catering to healthy lifestyles, it’s becoming easier to nourish yourself on the go. Busy professionals, students, parents and athletes are prioritizing nutrition and demanding wholesome foods.


That being said, planning healthy snacks is just as important as meal prepping your lunch for the week. It’s way easier to grab a slice of pizza or run to a drive through when your stomach is grumbling and you don’t have any snacks available.


If you’re thinking, “Snack prep? I’m already crunched on time!” Don’t worry. We’ll give you 11 snack ideas that won’t take much of your time.


1) Mixed Nuts


Nuts are a high protein, satiating snack that will curb those 4pm stomach growls. Almonds and pistachios in particular pack a healthy protein punch and are full of heart healthy fats. Plus, it’s easy to keep a bag at your desk or in your bag since they don’t easily spoil. You can even used mix nuts as a base for an easy DIY trail mix.


2) Protein Bites


The recipes for energy balls and protein bites are endless. Just combine some nut butter, rolled oats, dark chocolate chips and some maca powder and you have yourself some delectable treats full of fiber, protein and minerals.


3) Edamame


Edamame is a great snack to get your protein and iron and fix those savory cravings. Next time you’re craving those salty fries, try some himalayan salt on top of your edamame to satisfy that craving.


4) Roasted Chickpeas

If you’re over pricy health food snacks, this one’s an easy DIY. Whether you want to dust your chickpeas with cinnamon and nutmeg or toss them with olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper- you can make them salty or sweet. Chickpeas are packed with fiber that helps you stay full which is a great option next time your friend wants to schedule sushi past your normal dinner time.


5) Protein Shake

Don’t underestimate the power of a good protein powder that has natural ingredients. If blending a frozen banana with almond milk and protein powder doesn’t work with your schedule, don’t worry. Just grab yourself your favorite mixer and a protein shaker and your “I woke up too late for breakfast” mornings are set.


6) Hard Boiled Eggs

Boiling a dozen eggs at the beginning of every week is a fantastic way to have grab and go protein as you need. Sea salt and pepper can make them way tastier and won’t leave you feigning for unfulfilling carbs.


7) Kale Chips

De-stem, season and sprinkle nutritional yeast before putting kale in the oven for a delicious snack. Kale chips are a delicious alternative to potato chips and won’t knock you out of ketosis or add too many carbs to your diet.


8) Whole Grain Toast with Almond Butter

Sprinkle some himalayan salt or slice some bananas for a scrumptious snack for when you’re rushing to barre. Add some chia and flax for an extra nutritional boost that’ll hold you over till dinner.


9) Jerky

Different brands are making better for you jerkys that fit well into Keto and Paleo diets. It’s often called the modern caveman’s ultimate snack for a reason- low carb and full of serious protein.


10) Protein Bars

Brands are becoming more transparent about what’s actually going in their snacks these days. Finding bars with simpler ingredients has never been easier. For a bar full of nuts and delicious flavors, try Kind Bars. If you’re into as few ingredients as possible, try Rx Bars. If you can get to a refrigerator and crave a creamy nut butter filled treat, try a Perfect Bar.


11) Overnight Oats


Grab a mason jar, oats and a few ingredients like nut butter or greek yogurt to wake up to a wholesome snack that’s ready to go. Overnight oats will keep you full and can be prepped in under 10 minutes. They’re a great idea for those mornings when you know you’re going to want to hit Snooze and they also make a satisfying snack for the days your meeting ran through lunch.