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Avoid These Common Pre-Workout Ingredients

Avoid These Common Pre-Workout Ingredients




The health industry has made some serious strides in the last couple of years. For starters, more and more people are realizing ingredients matter. If you’re taking a supplement to improve your wellbeing, it’s important to know each and every ingredient and make sure it’s not causing other issues you’ll have to face later. With that said, if you are someone who is training hard and eating clean, make sure your supplement choices honor your hard work by making sure it’s clean too. Watch out for these 7 harmful Pre-Workout ingredients below.


Artificial Dyes


While that blue raspberry color looks great on the ‘gram, it’s really not that pretty once you learn what it can do to you. Artificial dyes give a vibrant and cool color but they also have been linked to cancer and tumors. There are different ways that whole foods can be used to create these pretty colors. Be sure to find a company that uses real ingredients that won’t cause your body harm down the line.



Excess Caffeine


We all know that 5 extra shots of espresso in our Starbucks drinks is probably not a good idea (hello sleepless nights and racing hearts!) However, a ton of pre-workout is tripled or even SEVEN times more than you really need. Excess caffeine is linked to terrible jitters, insomnia, anxiety and tachycardia.





On your Pre-Workout, DMAA may be labeled as methylhexanamine or dimethylamylamine. Why avoid it? In a nutshell, it acts like an amphetamine in your system. The FDA has even warned supplement companies to avoid this product. These companies continue to go around the rules and bend them to legally sell DMAA. Not only can this ingredient raise your risk for a heart attack, but it can raise your blood pressure and increase the tightening of your chest. These symptoms aren’t fun and definitely aren’t worth the ability to do a few extra reps.





Ever heard of the saying, if you can’t pronounce it then you should probably avoid it? Yohimbe is one of those ingredients. While it’s not bad in small batches, it can be detrimental in large batches which you’ll find in most pre-workout formulas. A too large dose can cause unwanted drops in blood pressure, nausea, dizziness, head spins and facial flushing.





Originally thought to promote fat loss, synephrine may not be the safe ingredient that it was marketed as. If you’re looking for a clean Pre-Workout, be sure to avoid synephrine. Potential side effects? Nausea, dizziness and anxiety. With over 40 million adults suffering with anxiety already, it’s crucial to treat your body with ingredients that won’t cause or worsen symptoms of anxiety.



Artificial Sweeteners Including Stevia


If you haven’t read our article on the side effects of stevia, it can give some further insight on why stevia may not be as safe as it’s marketed. Possible side effects include diarrhea, nausea, indigestion and headaches.


Other sweeteners frequently used include sugar alcohols and sucralose. These sugars hurt your body’s ability to regulate blood sugar, overall affecting your metabolism. There’s also studies that they can increase your risk of diabetes.



Proprietary Blends


What does proprietary blend actually mean? A proprietary blend enables companies to hide dosages of each ingredient (or avoid listing the ingredients on the label overall). They fill these blends with cheaper ingredients and market it as a “secret formula”. Proprietary blends are best avoided overall as they can cause various symptoms and complications depending on the specific ingredients misused.