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Is the World’s #1 Best Selling Protein Making You Sick?

Is the World’s #1 Best Selling Protein Making You Sick?



Our mission to start this company stemmed from the lack of transparent and simple formulations. Products like whey protein powder should be simple: whey, flavoring, a natural sweetener and then maybe some gums to assist with consistency and mouthfeel.  What we found is the larger brands are adding all kinds of toxic shit to enhance shelf life (for profit), colors and artificial flavors. We did some digging to find out what they are and why they’re bad for us.


Example #1




Take a look at the label on the world’s #1 best selling protein. Ingredients: Protein blend (whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, whey peptides). Natural and artificial flavors, soy lecithin, salt, acesulfame potassium, sucralose, FD&C yellow #5, lactase. Wow!


The biggest problem with this best selling product is the excessive use of artificial sweeteners. For example, acesulfame potassium is over 200 times sweeter than sugar! Independent researchers suggest that Acesulfame Potassium may disrupt metabolic process and even interfere with appetite regulation. Critics have even raised concern over the cancer causing potential of acesulfame potassium and the effect it may have on the development of babies during pregnancy. Not sure if we can trust the FDA with this one.  


Another artificial sweetener used in this product is sucralose (also known as Splenda). Despite marketing efforts claiming that it’s “Made from sugar, so it tastes like sugar”, sucralose could not be further from natural sugar. Sucralose is created by modifying sugar molecules (in a lab) and changing the chemical structure. Studies have shown that sucralose produces some nasty side effects such as migraines, seizures, blurred vision, and even weight gain.  Long story short… this sweetener is nothing but processed junk that doesn’t belong anywhere near your supplement stack.


That yummy color you see when mixing this product looks a lot less delicious when you find out that it’s just artificial food dye. Historically, FD&C yellow #5 was heavily scrutinized when used in Mountain Dew. Rumor has it that this dye affected men’s sperm count and other important male body parts. Whether that rumor is true or not, artificial dyes have been linked to behavioral problems in children and various types of cancer and allergies. Many of the commonly used dyes have actually been banned in Europe and other countries. Another concern is that the most commonly used dyes in the US are synthetic and made from coal tar, petroleum byproducts.


Finally, let’s talk artificial flavors. With the demand for vanilla flavor is so high, companies have started to make it synthetically. In fact, over 95% of vanilla flavoring today is actually made from artificial vanilla. The grossest method we are aware of is made from cow poop. Yup, artificial vanilla can be made from the lignin in cow poop. As if that couldn’t get worse, another disgusting method is using beaver bums for their castoreum (Anal gland juice). No thank you.


Example #2




Here is a supplement facts panel from a popular pre-workout. It shares similar ingredients to the protein powder in the first example, but also adds some new ones we should all stay away from.


An anti-caking agent used in this product is calcium silicate. Although there isn’t a ton of research done on this ingredient, it is still said to be used as an additive for home insulation and a material used in the construction of roads. The safety sheet used for calcium siliate reads: “Consult a specialist BEFORE handling this product, avoid skin contact, keep unconscious victims warm and on their sides to avoid choking if vomiting occurs.” This warning just doesn’t instill a whole lot of trust as to if consumption is safe.


The artificial dye in this product is FD&C blue lake #1, or sometimes referred to as “Brilliant Blue”. This dye is a petroleum-derived triphenylmethane and has been shown to cause food intolerance, digestive issues, behavioral issues, anxiety, crying, migraines and fatigue. Again, this ingredient has no business in a health-focused product. No thank you.


So if you are someone who takes supplements to improve your health, or fitness level, make sure to read your labels! These example products are some of the best selling products on the market and contain a dangerous amount of chemicals, artificial dyes, and unnatural ingredients that will end up hurting your body in the long run.