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Meet Janelle Lynnae

Meet Janelle Lynnae



XOLOGY got to sit down last week with San Diego Personal Trainer Janelle Lynnae (@Janelle-Lynnae) for a quick Q&A on lifestyle, fitness and overall health. Janelle’s outgoing personality and obvious love for fitness make her one of our go-to trainers in the area. Here’s what she had to say:


Were you always health and fitness conscious or was there something that motivated you?


While I was growing up I was always very athletic and could pretty much eat whatever I wanted while still maintaining a nice figure. As I have gotten older, especially recently, I have started to care more about the ingredients I put in my body. Just because something is “zero calories” doesn’t mean it’s healthy. I have started to become very passionate about good ingredients.


What is your favorite healthy recipe?


Protein donut. Protein powder, Kodiak cakes, almond milk and pumpkin (during fall!), cacao nibs and agave.


For the full protein donut recipe visit Janelle’s YouTube Channel 

Favorite cheat day meal or snack?


Cali Burrito and The Donut Bar.


Three things people may not know about you


 I broke my nose playing football freshman year of high school.

 I’ve lived in Russia, Upstate New York and Colorado.

 I was homeschooled for good portion of elementary school, definitely teased a lot.


Favorite workout 


Booty and shoulders. My favorite booty moves are single leg hip raises, donkey kicks, anything with bands. For the shoulders, wall walk-ups and single arm shoulder presses while in boat pose.


Least Favorite Workout 


Group classes in gyms are great, but you need to be careful! I see a lot of muscle imbalances and injuries so it’s important to make sure your instructors are helping with form correction.


Special San Diego spot?


Balboa Park & Copa Vida Coffee Shop.


Most used XOLOGY product?


Arabica Buzz. I love that there is caffeine in there!


Tips for someone who is starting the journey of getting healthy?


Find something maintainable! Start with something small and doable for an extended period of time and start working your way up. The 80:20 rule is also something I teach my clients in life, nutrition and working out. Be dedicated, but let yourself enjoy life.


To book a session with Janelle you can reach out to her via Instagram @Janelle_Lynnae (FIT Athletic Club Downtown).