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PODs & Shaker Beta - Limited Stock Available
PODs & Shaker Beta - Limited Stock Available

Meet the Team: Julia Archer

Meet the Team: Julia Archer




Social Media Content Marketer



Atlanta, GA


Were you always health and fitness conscious or was there something that motivated you?


I never enjoyed working out (even though my mom is a personal trainer and would try and get me to the gym!) I first got into working out when I moved to a small, new town and wanted to make friends. I joined a Crossfit gym 4 years ago and the rest is history!


Workout Regime?


I go to Crossfit 4-5x’s a week, Orangetheory once a week. Hike with my three dogs on the weekend!


3 Things Always in Your Fridge:


Cheese wraps, almond milk, salsa.


Favorite Cheat Day Meal Or Snack:


Bacon cheeseburger & fries


Most Used XOLOGY Product:


Vanilla Chai vegan protein tastes like my favorite chai latte without the heaps of sugar.


Favorite Part About Working at XOLOGY:


I love the ability to be creative and create content around things I truly enjoy: nutrition and fitness!