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Natural Wine – Almost A Superfood?

Natural Wine – Almost A Superfood?


I try to live my life using the 80:20 rule – eating healthy most of the time, but making sure I indulge every so often as well. Usually, indulging means a weekly happy hour or sharing a bottle of wine on the weekends. Which is why I became curious about this natural wine movement that has slowly been disrupting the industry. 



What is Natural Wine?

Although an exact definition is hard to define, most natural wine is usually classified as organic, vegan, artesian and is free of added sulfites and other unnatural preservatives. Winemakers of natural wine try to intervene as little as possible.


The Facts:

99%+ of the wine consumed in the U.S. is a highly processed factory product.

99%+ of U.S. Wines are irrigated and fed synthetic fertilizers.

Monsanto’s Roundup is the most common herbicide used in U.S. vineyards today.

Most wine is NOT vegan. Caesin, egg whites and fish bladders are commonly used as a fining agent.


As someone who normally opts for only vegan and organic products, I was surprised I never really thought about what was in the wine I was drinking. I actually assumed that drinking wine was a healthy alternative compared to other liquor choices.


How Can I Try It?

Dry Farm Wines is subscription-based wine company that sends a monthly order of 12 bottles of lab-tested natural wine. Although the price is slightly higher than your average wine subscription service, they do offer free shipping, and I will gladly pay more for a wine that promises not to get me hungover.


When my first shipment arrived (within one week of placing my order) Dry Farm included a few reading materials to get me familiar with the wine that was in my pack. They made sure to break down why it’s important to opt for clean wines and the measures they go through to make sure they deliver only the best wines for their customers.


But Does Natural Wine Taste Good? 

Natural Wine is left in the purest form possible so there aren’t and added sugars or preservatives which create a purer and less sweet taste. Although it took a second to my palate to warm up to the new taste, they actually ended up being delicious. These also naturally have less alcohol which means feeling less dehydrated and sluggish the next morning.


It’s important to have the right expectations when attempting to switch to natural wines. It will take a second for your palate to get used to. Almost everything about a natural wine is different. The smell, the taste and most importantly – the lack of hangover the next morning.