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XOLOGY Approved Paleo Products

XOLOGY Approved Paleo Products


Starting a Paleo diet can be tough, and maintaining a Paleo diet can be even more difficult. It takes time to prepare meals for the week and scrutinizing every label at the grocery store is annoying. So, we decided it may be helpful to share a few of our favorite Paleo products of 2018 to make your life easier.



#1 Steve’s Paleo Goods

Good For: Salad Dressing, Steak Sauce, Ketchup and Other Condiments



Finding a decent high fat, low carb, low sugar salad dressing is easily one of the hardest Paleo products to find. These dressings are made from high-quality avocado oil, and contain 0 carbs. For a Paleo and Vegan option, the Maple Mustard is a great choice as it closely resembles honey mustard. These products are also soy-free which makes us love them even more.


Available in some Whole Foods as well as online at their website:  


#2  Paleonola, Granola

Good For: Breakfast, Snacks



Finally, a granola that isn’t packed with carbs and sugar. PALEONOLA was created by a husband and wife duo, who both happen to have backgrounds in the sports industry. This granola isn’t filled with your typical grain, cheap oil and weird additives, instead they opt for a hearty blend of nuts, seeds and healthy fats.


Available in some Whole Foods as well as online at their website:


#3  Birch Benders, Pancake Mix

Good For: Breakfast



This is a super convenient pancake mix – all you need to do is add water! As with all most of Birch Bender’s products this mix is 100% natural, gluten free and non-GMO. As for the ingredients, Birch Bender’s utilizes Cassava Flour, Almond Flour and Coconut Flour.


#3  Siete, Almond Flour Tortillas

Good For: Lunch/Dinner



The greatest healthy tortilla you will find.  Not only do they taste like a normal tortilla, they are made from almond flour vs. traditional flour so they are much lower in carbs. The Siete brand story is also something we love. After experiencing auto-immune conditions as a teenager, the founder of Siete started to learn about the ways a diet can actually heal the body which sparked the idea of creating a healthy grain-free tortilla.


Find Siete in select Whole Foods or via their website


Know of a good Paleo product the XOLOGY team should try? Please share with us via our social outlets. We love hearing from you!