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Personal Trainer Q&A: Kendra Carter

Personal Trainer Q&A: Kendra Carter





I was born and raised in beautiful San Diego, California!


Were you always health and fitness conscious or was there something that motivated you? 


I have always loved to be active and was conscious about my eating habits, but I never knew how to train for my body type. Once I learned that you don’t need to do tons of cardio and was introduced to strength and resistance training, my entire mindset and passion grew from there. I thrived discovering this new passion of mine and wanted to share it with everyone I knew and encountered. I feel in love with the feeling, energy and transformation I gained inside and outside of the gym. It became my creative outlet and my saving grace when I was living in a city I didn’t like.



Three Things People May Not Know About You:


I have 50 first cousins, and many second cousins!


I have been to Thailand, Cambodia and South Africa and look forward to many more travel expenditures! I absolutely love to see the world and experience unique cultures.


I have a degree in Business Management & Marketing, nothing to do with health or fitness but will utilize my skills in business further down in my own fitness career!


What is Your Current Workout Regime: 



I like to focus my training on strength, endurance and resistance training. I typically do some kind of cardio 3 days a week either on the treadmill, HIIT circuits, LISS, row machine or some kind of elliptical. I then train typically 5-6 days per week with a workout split. Back and bis, chest and tris, legs (glutes and hamstrings and/or quads), shoulders and abs, legs and abs etc. I switch it up depending on the weeks but I personally love training the split/body building style of programming 🙂


Favorite Healthy Recipe:


I love creating new recipes or trying ones I discover off some of my favorite influencers on the gram! Here is one of my staple Vegan Enchiladas recipes, so delicious and easy to make…so enjoy!

Ingredients: Serves 5-7

1 can organic black beans

1 can corn

2 cans tomato puree

2 raw jalapenos

4-5 red potatoes

1/2 onion

1 tbsp minced garlic

Season with salt/pepper, cayenne, paprika, chili powder, cumin

10-15 Corn & Wheat Tortillas (I get mine from Trader Joe’s)

Cheddar Cheese


  • Saute onions and garlic for a few minutes on low & add spices
  • Add drained black beans, corn, & tomato puree.
  • Heat and cover on low.
  • Mash red potatoes once boiling on stove is complete.
  • Heat corn tortillas then add bean mix & potatoes to fold up.
  • Once filled, sprinkle cheddar cheese if desired on top with fresh jalapanos.
  • Spread tomato puree on bottom of baking dish & top the enchiladas with remaining puree once complete.
  • Bake for 20 minutes & enjoy!
  • Optional toppings: cilantro, greek yogurt/sour cream, avocado


Go-to Cheat Day Meal or Snack: 


Italian food and frozen yogurt! Like I always emphasize though, I live a balanced lifestyle (especially with food) and choose to eat these when I feel like it! I don’t like the thought of restriction with food, I eat to feel good and enjoy life abundantly with balance and moderation is key.


Do You Have A Special Morning Routine?


I don’t have a particular morning routine, it depends how quick I’m trying to get out the door. I always drink 1-2 glasses of water right away, meditate or stretch in some way, drink my coffee and practice gratitude in some way shape or form!


Do You Stick to Any Special Diet?


I typically track my food in MyFitnessPal and try to aim for specific macro goals. I don’t “diet”, unless I’m prepping for a certain goal. I eat to maintain a sustainable, healthy and lifelong flexible routine. I consider everything in moderation and eat to feel good. Food is fuel for life! A simple statement I recall when I think about choosing foods to eat is this– “Stick to foods that come from the earth, the natural roots of the earth. Colorful, bold, energy thriving nutrients”. Your body will forever thank you in return.


Most Used XOLOGY product


Whey Chocolate Protein Isolate is my absolute favorite, I use it after every workout!


How Can People Get in Touch With You?


You can reach me on my fitness and health account @kendracarter94 on Instagram as well as my email


Come train with me at 24 Hour Fitness off Navajo Rd. in San Diego. It is a brand new state of the art facility and I’d love to connect with you and say hi! Let’s have some fun and transform lives together 🙂