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PODs & Shaker Beta - Limited Stock Available

Spirulina and The Reasons We Love it!


Spirulina and The Reasons We Love it!


Spirulina is an algae that grows in salt water lakes, typically in warmer regions like Africa or Hawaii.  It’s huge and usually found at the top of the pond. It has a dark blue-green color and is spiral shaped and similar health benefits to chlorella or kelp. There are so many reasons why we love it and we want to share with you why we have chosen to use it in all of our vegan products.



  Spirulina is Rich in Protein

Not only does it typically have 50-70% protein by weight but it also consists of ALL the essential amino acids


  Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

Studies have shown that spirulina is a great source for Vitamin K, Pantothenic acid (B5) as well as thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, copper, iron, and manganese.


  It Fights Those Annoying Allergies

Spirulina has been shown to stop the release of histamine which is the reason why most people end up with a stuffy nose. So consuming it daily can help get rid of those annoying allergies


  Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Levels

Adding spirulina to your diet and also maintaining a healthy balanced diet has been shown to lower blood pressure in both men and women. Not only can help lower blood pressure but it’s also been shown to lower blood sugar levels to a great extent.



How many things can spirulina possibly control?! In another study conducted with this super food, patients who had been adding it to their diet showed lower levels of Cholesterol. So many benefits that come with this magic algae, it’s pretty clear why we have chosen it to be in our vegan products.


  Need to Boost Your Immunity? Look No Further

Catching a cold can be one of the most annoying things, and you always seem to catch them before something important or fun. By adding spirulina to your daily diet, you can increase the polysaccharides and white blood count in your body which help prevent and fight off those pesky colds. It is also a great antioxidant!


  Anti-Inflammatory Properties

The reason spirulina is that blue-green color is because of it main component, phycocyanin. Which also has the ability to provide awesome anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects on your body.


  Improves Muscle Strength and Endurance

This was a key contributor to why we wanted to add spirulina to our products. Muscle strength, endurance, and recovery is something everyone who works out on a regular basis has to deal with. Without the right foods and supplements, your muscles could suffer. That’s why spirulina fit right into our vision of creating a superior supplement for vegans.



With so many benefits that come with the amazing algae spirulina, it’s pretty clear why we have chosen to use it in our vegan products. Whether you need a boost of energy or an extra kick of protein during the day, spirulina is nature’s perfect food and the ultimate supplement to be adding to your diet.